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This site was created to share information about Playchoice-10 games and resources with fellow Nintendo, NES and Playchoice enthusiasts. All comments, questions, content contributions and corrections are welcome.

Sample Screens new image

Game screen. (click to zoom)

For more screen shots, visit the Playchoice and NES game sections

Playchoice Game List
List of original Playchoice games with photos of screen shots, PCBs, and mini marquees.

Compatible NES Game List
List of Playchoice compatible NES games, including screen shots, and compatibility information.

Playchoice Restoration
Includes system comparison chart, cabinet types, operations manuals, and tips on adjusting monitor width.

Customizing Playchoice Game Boards
Includes detailed Playchoice PCB specifications, a downloadable PC10 Hacks spreadsheet, tips on how to swap games, tutorial videos, game board conversion and repair services and and information on Oliver Achten's Playchoice replacement BIOS.

Message Board
This board is for questions, comments, resources and links about Playchoice and Nintendo VS. Systems.

Items For Sale
Playchoice-10 PCBs and game chips as well as contact information to request games seen on the site.

Nintendo VS. System Games and Accessories
List of known VS. System games, marquees, high resolution instruction stickers, manuals, and DIP switch settings.


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