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Playchoice PCB Variations

Nintendo produced variations of several game PCBs. Although the games may appear to work consistently across variations, these modified PCBs may have compatibility issues when swapping games or adding custom NES conversions. The following is a list of the PCB variations that I have come across.

A note about Mask ROMs and EPROMs: Generally PCBs with EPROMs are more desirable because the game chips can be swapped with other NES compatible EPROMs. Mask ROMs can not be reproduced but, in certain instances, can be swapped with other mask ROMs of the same PCB type. (For example SMB2 and SMB3 Mask ROMs can be interchanged.)

Almost all PCBs with Mask ROMs can be converted to EPROMs without damaging the original game. Please contact me if you would like to know how.

If you know of other PCB variations or oddities, send me an email with photos and I'll post them here.

Double Dragon

Playchoice Double Dragon PCB: Mask Roms, EPROMs.


Top: Double Dragon with mask ROMs.
(Most DD cards use mask ROMs)



Bottom: Double Dragon with EPROMs.

Mega Man 3

Playchoice Mega Man 3 PCB: Mask ROMs


Top: Mega Man 3 with EPROMs.
(I don't have a photo, but I know it's out there)


Bottom: Mega Man 3 with mask ROMs.


Playchoice Metroid PCB: Mask ROMs


Top: Metroid with EPROMs.
(After looking closely, I'm not sure this is an original Playchoice PCB, but I'm listing it anyway.)


Bottom: Metroid with mask ROMs.

Mike Tysons Punch-Out!!

Playchoice Mike Tysons Punch-Out!! PCB: Mask ROMs


Top: Punch-Out!! with EPROMs.
(Very rare)


Bottom: Punch-Out!! with mask ROMs.

Ninja Gaiden

Playchoice Ninja Gaiden PCB: Mask ROMs, EPROMs


Top: NG with EPROMs.


Bottom: NG with mask ROMs.

Rad Racer

Playchoice Rad Racer PCB: Mask ROMs, EPROMs

Top: RR with SRAM chip. (horizontal chip above the label)
Compatible with Legend of Zelda.


Bottom: RR without the SRAM chip. Not Zelda compatible.


My version of Rad Racer with SRAM appears to be a reconditioned Metroid board.

Super Mario Bros 2

Playchoice Super Mario Bros. 2 PCB: Mask ROMs, EPROMs


Top: SMB2 with EPROMs.


Bottom: SMB2 with mask ROMs.

Super Mario Bros 3

Playchoice Super Mario Bros. 3 PCB: Mask ROMs, EPROMs


Top: SMB3 with EPROMs.


Bottom: SMB3 with mask ROMs.

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