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Customizing Playchoice Game Boards

Playchoice PCB Specifications
Detailed charts of Playchocie game board types, the games associated with each and details about their ROMs.

Swapping Playchoice Games
Instructions on how to convert Playchoice game boards to play NES games.

Playchoice PCB Variations
Information and photos of variations in original Playchoice game boards.

Oliver's Replacement Playchoice BIOS
Information on installing a replacement BIOS that will restore access to certain damaged Playchoice PCBs.

Featured Site

Gamehacker's Replacement Playchoice BIOS
Information on a new BIOS and ID system that will allow converted NES games to be added to a menu system.

GameHacker BIOS (Mirrored Site)


Playchoice PCB and NES Hack Specifications Spreadsheet (80 KB) - updated 7/28/05
Based on work done by Anonymous author - originally "PC10 Hacks.xls." Modified by PAR

RP5H01 Spec Sheet (260 KB)
Detailed information about the 8-pin Playchoice security chip


Tutorial Videos
Video tutorials about Playchoice PCB basics.

Game Board Conversion and Repair Services
Need to fix or modify your Playchoice game cards? I can help.

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