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System Comparison Chart

Finding replacement parts can be difficult enough, but oftentimes they are poorly described or even mislabeled. This chart will illustrate the most common replacement parts for the Playchoice-10 Dual Monitor, Single Monitor and Nintendo VS. UniSystem. As you will see, some parts are interchangable between systems, while others are not.

With the exception of the VS. System cabinet, the following are photos of parts that I own. If you have questions on parts compatibility please contact me.

  Playchoice-10 Dual Monitor Playchoice-10 Single Monitor Ninendo VS. UniSystem
(Wrong side art pictured)
Side Art

(23.5" x 5")

(22.25" x 5.25")

(22.25" x 5.25")
Light Gun

Control Panel

(23.5" x 5")

(22.25" x 8.25")

(22.25" x 8.25")


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